The story of the best CA # in the world!

In 1983 I returned from NYC after attending Parsons School of Design. My patternmaking business was gradually getting established but I wanted to start my own line of clothing.

In order to manufacture and sell clothing I was required to obtain a CA number from Consumer Affairs. It could be compared to a license plate. The number appears on garment labels instead of having to put one’s address.

So in 1985, when I started my men’s shirt line, I went to the Consumer Affairs Office on Burrard St. and paid the $50.00 fee and registered my name. The agent went back into the office and returned with my number. When I saw it, I asked if she was joking. The number was 12345! “That is the most perfect number in the world”, I said. She replied, “I guess it’s your lucky day”. More like lucky life, I thought to myself. I’ve had requests to sell the number over the years but knew if I was patient, eventually the right idea would come for me to use it in a really fun and innovative way.

Here I am in 2014 and with the internet part of everyday life, it seems that using the number in combination with a Canadian made product and domain, is the icing on the cake.

I still can’t believe how randomly this number landed in my hand.