Let’s Ramp it up with Tommy!

T r a i n i n g W i t h T o m m y E u r o p e !

Week 3 & 4 – Let’s Ramp It UP!!!!

October 1 was weigh-in & measurement day after our first official 2 weeks on the Tommy 30-Day SHRED Nation Challenge “Back to SHRED”. (http://www.tommyeurope.tv/30-day-return-of-shred/)

The truth really lies more in the mirror and how your clothes fit but I took mine off and decided to “weigh-in” on our supposed inaccurate Ironman scale. According to the scale I had only lost 5Lbs. NOT IMPRESSED considering the intense workouts and minimal caloric intake I had endured for 2 weeks. BUT my measurements had changed significantly. My “Jaiger-bags “, had shrunk by 2” and my butt another 1½”. Not much going on in my bust area but the “girls”, had shrunk too. The thing I noticed the most was how small my head was getting…..Hmmmm Perhaps my brain is shrinking too. Not so good.

Anyway – it’s time to hit the gym with Tommy.

Deb and I have been up since 6:00 AM, walked the dog and gobbled Deb’s special bland porridge demi-semi-muffin, saving our protein powder for after the workout.
Its 7:50 and I’m warming up on the rowing machine: Deb on the treadmill. In walks Tommy with a big grin as usual. “Good Morning Ladies”.

After updating Tommy with our progress since last week…all proud…he rolls 2 Bosu balls toward us and we are summoned to hold the plank position, elbows on the ball.

He leaves the room! He took his coffee with him, which smells delicious and actually disappears into another room. We continue to hold the pose because we’ve paid this guy a lot of money and we’re going to do whatever he says.
After what seemed like 5 minutes, he returns. My arms and entire body are starting to convulse as he gets down to business.

20 push-ups on the Bosu ball. No break from the torture-plank-hold. Just go!
This is what happened in the next 55 minutes.

Deb & Bev Sept 17 2014 022

½ Bosu Ball jump ups –around the world X 5, clockwise, counter clockwise FAST, Side step up onto weight bench (slow count to 5) 12 each leg X 5,Bosu Ball Preacher Roll-outs X 20, Jump squats onto ½ Bosu X 15, V-Crunch on edge of bench – legs fully extend and tuck knees to chest – slow X 20, Dead bugs on ½ Bosu – alternating arms/legs X 20

Deb was able to balance pretty well but my upper back seized so I was sent to hang from the high-bar…swinging like a monkey, watching Deb trying to balance and scowling in agony.

Then Tommy lies down on the floor with us for the next exercise. We all do double leg lifts overhead, then slowly lower our legs to 1’ from the floor X 20.

Tommy drags out a resistance rope contraption built for 2. It looks like some kind of minimalist straight jacket for gym rats. We both get “hooked” up to the thing and begin the next set of “dual exercises”.

I stand firm and hold the rope tensed behind Deb. She lies on her back, on the floor for lat pulls X 20. My job is to resist her pulling. It’s just mean!

Then we switch positions and she’s even meaner and way stronger than me. Not fair!
At lease Tommy lets us have a minute and a drink of water before the next batch of brutality begins.

We face each other, both holding the taut, very sturdy resistance rope stretched between us. I start by doing 20 jump squats while Deb pulls the rope toward her. It was fun jumping up but on the way down gravity and the tension of the rope tended to pull my entire body forward! Avoiding an embarrassing face plant was all I could think about. The burning in my quads and heart ready to burst from my chest seemed irrelevant.

It’s time to switch and Deb starts in with her jump squats but she’s turning red very quickly and then sort of a pasty white. She almost passed out. “Remember to breathe whilst doing anaerobic exercises”.

Tommy was quick to get her on her onto the floor, on her back with feet elevated to avoid her fainting. While she was recovering, I was sent to the treadmill to climb an incline of 16%!

Then Tommy laid out some VERY BIG double seaworthy ropes that were spread from one end of the gym to the other. The next set begins…30 seconds jumping jacks, while swinging the ropes up to our sides; 30 seconds alternating arm swings; 30 seconds swing both ropes up in front followed by a burpee X 12.

Then it’s back to the strange bungee cord contraption built for 2. I stand while Deb kneels in front of me; very close and looking up quite vulnerably. Who thinks this stuff up? Oh yeah! …TOMMY THE TRAINER!!!

The tension is intense on the bungee cords but I know it’s the last exercise, so I give it my all. I slowly pull up into a full bicep curl while Deb tugs in the opposite direction. Then it’s my turn and I hold the cord tight while she executes a tricep curl with a not pleasant expression on her face. We alternate X 15. Tommy seems quite amused.

The Bev & Deb Show had not disappointed him…or us.

We are done! And done! Every part of our bodies is quivering and feels like melting rubber. My knuckles feel like they are dragging on the floor but we “got-her done!”

Our 30 day SHRED CHALLENGE ends October 15 so we’ll be ramping it up for these LAST CHANCE WORKOUTS!

Stay tuned.

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