Frequently Asked Questions

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A. Bamboo does not hold body odour so does not need to be laundered very often. Just hang or lay the garment to dry until your next workout.
Try the 2 week test without washing!
Machine wash in cold water with similar colours. Do not bleach. Bamboo tends to dry better if line dried in the sun but tumble drying in medium heat is ok.

A. It is like a license plate for garment manufacturers provided by Consumer Affairs as a way for consumers to find a manufacturer if the retailer doesn’t cooperate. The number appears on items made in Canada. The numbers are chosen randomly and we think ours is very special. For more information on how we got it go to: About Us

A. Go to: Men’s Sizing or Women’s Sizing.
The athletic tops are designed to fit like a second skin and should be worn tight fitting. This will eliminate chaffing and make you look like the superstar athlete you are.

A. Garments are all cut and sewn in Vancouver by very meticulous and dedicated cutters and seamstresses. They are very well paid and have been with our team for more than 20 years.

A. Wear our clothes when you train, race or lounge about your home. Show up to your race or event in CA12345 looking stealth and feeling fast!
Get out there and have fun doing your best and before you know it….bamboozldom will have overtaken you.
Send us your selfie doing your thing.

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