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From time to time we all find ourselves behind the 8-ball without enough hours in the day. You know the drill.

Wake up tired, get breakfast ready for the kids; if you have them, walk or run the dog, get ready for work, meet unrealistic deadlines all day, pick kids up from school, scramble to make something healthy for dinner, take kids to soccer practice or music lessons, get homework done, maybe take a bath, try to sleep 8 hours (lucky if you get 6), then get up at 6:00 AM or earlier and do it all over again!

Goodness! I’m exhausted just thinking about it and I don’t have kids!!!

Meet “Team Apres Run”


Some professionals do their business on the golf course but in this case, we solicited a running team for the Whistler 50 Relay while on a run.

Ruth Hibbard, who runs with my group at Forerunners, was finishing up a long run when we literally ran into her in the last 2K. She inquired about how the new bamboo line was coming along and expressed an interest in having a “kit” put together for a relay team she was on.

“Absolutely”! I said eagerly. “Team gear is exactly our market and what better way to showcase and test our gear than on a fantastic group of women braving the elements in Whistler”.

We put together Bamboozool Blue short-sleeve ULTRA jerseys, with their names embroidered on the back, Hound Grey and Bamboozool Blue ARM-A-GET-INS and a matching BAMBEENI.

The close knit group of professional women (mostly mothers), on Team Apres Run, regularly run & hang together so we thought our friends and customers might find their profiles inspiring to say the least.

Team Captain: Debbie Butt
This 47 year old mother of 2 boys, for those who don’t already know her, is the Queen of multi-tasking, organizing and charity fundraising. Yet, still finds time to work out whether it be adventure racing with her family, or getting up to swim, bike or run before her kids get up! Yes, Debbie is a 2 time IronWoman. She says she is a “recreational athlete with a competitive spirit”. You’ll see her cheering for her boys on weekends at their sporting events.

“On the arm-warmers, I would prefer a wider band of elastic at the top. If you have chunky arms it’s a better fit…loved the rest.”

We’ve got you covered Debbie. We offer the Arm-A-Get-Ins with a wider elastic at the top for men & women, or a narrow ruffle elastic for the ladies who prefer something more feminine.

Ruth Hibbard RUTH
If you venture into the trails at Pacific Spirit Park in wee hours of the morning, you may run into this 50 year old woman wielding her head lamp, trying to avoid roots. Unfortunately she missed one and took a tumble prior to the Whistler relay! Good for the team, she recovered fast and was able to race.

She is a consistent runner who competes regularly but also enjoys a weekend getaway with her female posse.

She “developed a fierce patriotism working as legal counsel to Vanoc during the Olympics. I am really proud to be wearing Made in Canada sporting apparel by a female-owned Canadian business. I love that we live in a country where women can engage freely in athletic pursuits regardless of age or ability”.

“I loved how soft and thick the fabric was since the weather was cool at times. The arm warmers were so versatile that I could wear them the entire race (up or pulled down), maintaining a good temperature. The Bambeeni was so adorable and light weight I wore it for the entire race!”

Andrea Sinow

“There goes Andrea”!

A week after the race, we saw Andrea zooming by us on her mountain bike with her son at Jericho. “Hi Bev…I’ll get my profile to you later today!” Obviously this 43 year old mother has more important things to do than fill out my questionnaire and I couldn’t agree more. Getting outside with your kids is time worth spent.

Andrea is one of those women who begin her day by 6:00 AM, to bike on trails, road, and hike, lift weights or run. Her favourite form of exercise is to run trails. “It’s the best place to clear the mind and breathe deeply”.

“I love the comfort (softness), and also the removable arms were great. I always start out cold but heat up quickly, so nice to be able to pull arms down. I didn’t like that it showed sweat.”

We think sweat shows how hard you’ve been working!

Kathy Butler

Investment banker and mother of 3 very active children, Kathy recently turned 44 and like Andrea, she also rises at 6:00 AM to get her workout done.

A recreational runner; she also enjoys biking, going to bootcamp with her girlfriends, playing with her kids, skiing with her family and being outside. “…share laughter and stories, time passes quickly and we feel great afterwards”.

“Great style, soft material & vibrant colours”

Cathy Paterson Cathy

Another fan of bootcamp and circuit training, this 52 year old looks amazing and has a attitude to match!

Although she admits it’s a struggle these days to get up at 5:30 AM to get her workout done before kids and work, she does.

Perhaps that’s why she’s completed an Ironman, several ½ Ironman’s, 10 marathons and a “bunch of Gran Fondo’s”

Her favourite thing to do in order to stay fit is cycling because of the “solace, peace, friendships, low impact and gear”.

Cathy refers to herself as a “washed up wanna be competitor”, but I say as long as you are out there doing something, you are a rock star!

“Loved texture and design concept… embroidery was a unique touch. Nicknames would be fun – we all have them”

Maria Proust

Maria may say she’s a “recreational”, runner but she was witnessed picking other women off the course in the final leg of the relay.

Her enthusiasm for her Run Apres Team, was contagious at the event and she admits hanging with Debbie and her athletic friends keeps her fit. She sneaks her workouts in after school whether it’s running, hiking, swimming or anything outdoors.

“Love the CA gear…not restrictive. Love the bamboo! Want more.”

Deborah Nielsen – our Director of BamboolmentDN1

Always striving to be her best our 51 year old “Director of Bamboozlment” at CA12345 is a force. “I schedule my workouts into my day as if it were a meeting or appointment’.

In order to stay fit she runs, bikes, attends bootcamp, strength training, yoga, and walks the dog. Trail running being her favourite thing has led her to take up Ultra running this year. When one of the Apres Team runners dropped out a week before the race due to injury, Deborah offered to run even though she hadn’t been training.

The team welcomed her with open arms and they placed 3rd in their division.
“I love the Bambeeni and Arm-A-Get-Ins”

Wendy Woodfield

This energetic single mother of two – aged 12 & 14 loves running. She ran track as a youth and went on to run cross-country in university. She first met “The girls”, through triathlon when she first moved to Vancouver from the Maritimes.

“The hardest thing about initially being single with two young kids was I couldn’t run in the AM with the girls – so happy when my daughter turned 12 and I could leave her in the AM with my son so I could run. Running is my sport – so easy to go out the door to the beach or trails.”

The Whistler 50 relay was Wendy’s last race competing in her 40’s so she had to “give it my all”.

“I love the outfits – shirt so comfortable it felt like I wasn’t wearing anything. Arm-A-Get-Ins are a great idea for running – especially in Vancouver”

The thing that really impressed me the most was how these women work hard, play relatively hard but always find time to exercise and be good to their bodies.

They all embrace life to the fullest. What amazing role models!

Thank you Team Apres Run for letting CA12345 be a part of your group and for your generous input on our gear. Your opinions matter to us as we develop the brand and products to fit your needs.

Beverli Barnes
Creative Executive Director

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