Training with Tommy 2.0

T r a i n i n g  W i t h T o m m y  E u r o p e !
Week 2 – Shred Challenge & Meal Plans

Before we start blogging, you may have noticed we are wearing the same pink jerseys. Apparently bamboo doesn’t retain body odour, so we are experimenting by wearing our CA12345 “Sprinter”, jerseys for every workout ( 6 -7 per week), to see how long people can stand to be around us.
Mine lasted 2 weeks without washing but I perspire like a racehorse! Deb is still going strong in hers. No stink yet.

Tommy has decided that starting September 15, Deborah Nielsen & I should participate in his 30-Day SHRED Nation Challenge “Back to SHRED”. (

“Sure, why not”? We are already on a strict exercise and nutrition regime, so what’s one more challenge? We triathlete /runner/ entrepreneurial types thrive on competition and all things grueling.

Basically we track sleep, water intake, meals/snacks/exercise/steps taken each day and social habits ie; alcohol & smoking. Participants get points for meeting daily criteria but we’re pretty sure some people are cheating. Other than me, I don’t know ANYONE who sleeps 10 hours a night! Every night!!! Hmmmmm we’ll see who loses more inches at the end of the challenge.

I had Deborah take a video of me prior to starting the challenge which I won’t watch until after 30 days. I will post it publicly IF I reach my target goal weight and “revised” body measurements.

Let’s talk about our new “meal plans”, T’ai Erasmus from has put has put together for us.
After tracking meals for 5 days, T’ai analyzed and eliminated everything tasty from our current food cache, replacing it with all things green, clean, flavourless and most importantly, way more protein than I’ve eaten in my life! Seriously!

Preparing 5 small meals a day that have to be measured, weighed, prepared and taken with supplements is not only time consuming but totally not fun. There is no wine, pasta or toast on the menu. No teaspoons of jam or random chunks of cheese. Meals are evenly spaced every 2 ½ hours, so by the time you finish one meal, it’s time to start preparing the next! It’s s good thing we work from home and have access to our kitchen.

I think this would be very difficult if you have a full time job, kids and a spouse. For me, vanity plus a lean strong, body are the motivators to participate in this 30 day “shred the food”, challenge.

Surprisingly, I feel AMAZING and have much more clarity and energy give the limited caloric intake and food portions. Getting through the workouts has been tough but gratifying as my strength builds.

I’ll let Deb tell you about the workouts now.
Day 1 of our 5 personal training sessions with Tommy – Let’s just say my skin is going to hurt tomorrow!
Our workouts consist of a 15 minute warm-up followed by 45 minutes of SHRED core.

We arrived at the gym early to get a bit of a warm up before Tommy arrived.

1:00 on the dot – “Ladies, follow me” (into the torture chamber we go). It started off pleasant enough with a short plank, some foam rolling and a few lung stretches – easy, peasy.

BAM!!!! Out comes the kettle ball. Just swing this heavy piece of steel between your legs and up over your head 12 times by 2 sets.

The next 40 minutes consisted progressively harder core repeat exercises using muscles I don’t think I even have. 60 burpees, followed by 3 minutes of jump rope, and 20 push-ups on the ball – repeat! You get the picture.

I can’t wait for next week. Stay tuned…

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